News ~ Ever wondered “Why does she stay with him?”

Time to look behind the curtain of secret violence …

“Why do we so often ask “Why did she stay with him?” when we hear about domestic violence?

Why don’t we ask “why does he keep doing it?”

This is one of the prevailing wisdoms challenged in Jess Hills new book “See What You Made Me Do”.

“See What You Made Me Do” also addresses the fact that we needn’t wait generations to ween out domestic violence, we could make it happen today, tomorrow – this bloody week if we really wanted to.

Joined by her husband and Psychotherapist David Hollier for this episode, Jess and David are, essentially, a power couple when it comes to understanding the baffling behaviour of humans, both with their noses pressed to the issue of toxic masculinity, studying how it became such a problem and how we can make an about face before more damage is done.” ~ Mike Hohnen

Click on the icon below to hear the interview on Mike’s “The Amp It Up Podcast” …

Jess Hill’s Twitter Feed is @jessradio

David Hollier’s Twitter Feed is @amansproblem