Rose Flower Essences

What are Flower Essences?
Flower Essences are a herbal infusion and a vibrational medicine that is made from the flowering part of the plant. They were originally developed by a Physician called Dr Bach in the 1930’s, UK. Dr Bach observed that the emotional and psychological state of the people he was treating had a significant impact on whether or not they regained health. He set about developing medicines that worked with the emotional and psychological states of his patients.

How do Flower Essences work?
It is believed that Flower Essences work directly with the body’s energy system similar to the way in which acupuncture works on the human body to restore the flow of life force or chi which then results in the restoration of health and function.

Dr Bach was a highly skilled Physican, Bacteriologist and Homeopath. He trained in London, qualifying in 1912 and established a successful practice with rooms in the prestigious and sought after Harley Street location in central London. Dr Bach developed a theory of health that proposed disease as being the natural consequence in the physical body of a conflict experienced in the emotional, psychological and even spiritual self or experience of an individual. His view was that symptom management alone would not restore health to the body rather than these core conflicts needed to be addressed for complete recovery.

Dr Bach’s understanding of the emotional and psychological life of a person was not dissimilar to that of modern day Counselling Psychology. His view of the human experience included emotional, psychological and spiritual experiences in his pursuit to understand what is is to be human and how to restore wellness in the body.

Dr Bach believed there were two possible major causes of imbalance, both of which would bring disharmony and eventually disease. Firstly is to lose touch with your Authentic Self or Deeper Self, the essence of who you really are. Dr Bach referred to this aspect of human experience as ‘Inner Guidance’. Secondly is to act unkindly or wrongly against another person or Nature. This creates a rift in the experience of wholeness and connection to the experience of wholeness.

Flower Essences assist people to reconnect consciously with their Authentic or Deeper Self and to re-establish connection to the experience of being whole in a way similar to the effect listening to different kinds of music can have on a person’s mood and state of mind. The effects of Flower Essences are subtle but cumulative, that is, they get stronger over time.

How are Flower Essences made?
Flower Essence medicines can be easily made by anyone. They are made by picking fresh blooms of the selected Flower and soaking them in a glass bowl filled with rainwater, then positioning the bowl in direct sunlight. This process imprints the vibrational essence of the Flower on to the rainwater and then this infusion or decoction is transferred in to a sterile treatment bottle and stored with a small amount of brandy to prevent bacterial growth and contamination. Only a few drops or perhaps a dropper full, our Rose Flower Essences taste a little like strawberries, are needed each day for a therapeutic effect.

What are Rose Flower Essences?
Many people have heard of Bach Flower Remedies, the original Flower Essences, and also Australian Bush Flower Remedies however we are offering recently developed and released Rose Flower Essences. They have been developed in Canada by Dr Natalia M Schotte.

You can read more about the process and her work by visiting her website La Vie De La Rose Essences or review Dr Schotte’s article “The New Flower Essences” posted on Days eChain.

Who can they help?
Rose Flower Essences are very powerful and believe it or not many Young People are asking for them.
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