News ~ “If we don’t own our story, the story owns us …”

We define ourselves every day in the way we speak about who we are. If our past is something we feel ashamed about, we will hide from it and marginalize or deny this part of our ourselves.

When we do that, we are allowing ourselves to be defined by the parts of our history we do not want to acknowledge. And it hurts, alot and not just us. When we deny pain in ourselves and our story, we also deny the pain in the stories and lives of those around us.

We do not meet others and we do not allow ourselves to be met. We are building a culture of isolation. And then we cannot problem solve or improve the situation – in any way, at all. It is harder to give and receive help.

Counselling can help find a way through the shame of pain and the humiliation of what happened. The Counselling Process can liberate you from being defined by your past stories and make it possible for you to genuinely write and live out a new story.

Curious? Here is Brene Brown speaking candidly and answering questions on this whole business of “If we don’t own our story …” What Happens?

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