Changes to Payments from 1 July 2019

Change is … happening

We will be saying ‘Good-Bye’ to PayPal as our primary payment and invoicing system from 1 July 2019, and we will start a new relationship with a new payment system SQUARE.

We will also be changing ‘the way’ in which we receive payments for our services. PayPal has been an excellent partner and support for our business but as we grew, our needs for simplicity also grew.

We are growing

Instead of asking you to pay for each session the day before your appointment, we will ask you to store your payment/credit card details with SQUARE at the beginning of your treatment and process the fee on the day of your appointment.

Medicare Receipts, for those with a GP referral, will be automatically emailed out to you after the payment has been processed. Medicare Receipts can only be provided for appointments that were attended, otherwise a regular receipt of payment will be emailed.

Our 24 hour Cancellation & Rescheduling Policy will still apply and payments for all appointments not changed using the booking system, that is all appointments still recorded on our Booking System Calendar, will still be processed.

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