The Open Forum: “Women & Violence” ~ 28-29 February 2020

Invitation to Build Community & Rebuild Culture …

You are invited to participate in a ‘Community Building Experiment’ that has the potential to change not only the present but the future. We will be exploring cutting edge psychological methods to see if it is possible to rebuild the nature of the culture we all live in by giving focus to an issue of conflict.

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7:00PM ~ 28-29 February 2020

Tecoma Uniting Church 1566 Burwood Hwy, Tecoma

Topic: “Women & Violence”
This is a topic and an issue that affects everyone, no matter your age, gender, sexual orientation, physical capacity, vocational or cultural back ground.

It is a topic that is rife with contention and injustice. We want to pull back the veil, shine a light on injury and silence. We want to buid community. Come and be part of that is beginning a conversation.

We want to support changing a culture from one that avoids conflict and complexity to one that leans in and moves towards preserving diversity while building a deeper form of democracy. The Open Forum format provides the platform to do this.

The plan is to create a VIDEO RECORD of the Speakers’ presentations and responses during the Discussion so community members unable to attend the event in real time, may participate later by watching it on YouTube and giving feedback on Facebook.

Organised by Counselling Psychologist Imogen K Salzman & The Facilitation Team
Hosted by Upwey Psychology

This is a FREE EVENT however there are limited places.

Please REGISTER AND RESERVE YOUR TICKET by clicking on the link.

Come. Listen. Speak and Be Heard.

The Speakers’ Night ~ 28 February 2020

They help us break the ground …

What happens again?

We have three local community members and two broader community members who have agreed to share their unique perspective, skills, knowledge and experiences with us to break down the topic.

Each speaker will present an aspect of the topic to assist us as a community reflect, react, respond and digest before we meet as a Group for the Community Discussion.

Adjunct Professor & CEO Kylie Ward FACN

Adjunct Professor & CEO Kylie Ward FACN

Adjunct Professor Kylie Ward FACN is a renowned leader and a passionate CEO who has shaped the Australian College of Nursing (ACN) to become a prominent and influential professional organisation. As well as leading a strong and collective voice for the nursing profession to improve patient outcomes and the social determinants of health for all Australians, Kylie is also driven to improve gender equality and diversity as well as promoting the importance of women in leadership roles both nationally and internationally. Kylie is going to draw on her extensive professional history and experience to give us insight in to the complexity of women and violence in the workplace.

Kylie’s distinguished career spans almost three decades, and has seen her hold Executive positions in the largest health services in NSW and Victoria. Through her commitment to reform, transformational change and leadership development, she has been awarded honorary Professorships from Monash University, Deakin University, University of Technology Sydney, Western Sydney University and Federation University.

Kylie is the first nurse to be appointed by the Federal Minister as a Board Director of the Australian Digital Health Agency (ADHA). She is a Board Director of the Australian Nursing and Midwifery Advisory Council (ANMAC), as well as serving Ministerial appointments to the Aged Services Industry Reform Committee (IRC) and the Health Translation Advisory Committee (HTAC) of the National Health and Medical Research Council (NHMRC).

Dedicating her career and purpose to empowering others, Kylie has received widespread recognition and received multiple awards including the 2017 ACT Telstra Business Woman of the Year Award for Social Purpose and Enterprise and 2018 Western Sydney University Prestigious Alumni’s Award for Professional Excellence.

Kylie is an inspiring leader with a flair for inspiring others and promoting a socially responsible and progressive culture. A motivational executive, Kylie has led thousands with her holistic, innovative and transformational approach to leadership, focusing on building resilience and empowering people to meet organisational challenges.

Associate Professor Dr Nicola Henry

Associate Professor Dr Nicola Henry

Dr Nicola Henry is Associate Professor and Principal Research Fellow in the Social and Global Studies Centre at RMIT University. As a socio-legal scholar, Nicola’s research focuses on sexual violence and harassment, including technology-facilitated abuse, image-based sexual abuse, sexual assault and harassment in university settings, rape law reform and wartime rape.

Nicola investigates the prevalence, nature and impacts of sexual violence and harassment. Her current research on technology-facilitated sexual violence focuses on the non-consensual distribution of intimate images (known as ‘revenge pornography’), the recording and distribution of sexual assault images, the use of online dating and social media sites to facilitate rape/sexual assault, and online sexual harassment (including sexual solicitation, gender-based hate speech, image-based harassment and online rape threats).

Nicola adopts a social justice approach to her research. She is interested in social, legal and political change at national and international levels in ways that will directly benefit victim-survivors of sexual violence. Her work also provides practical recommendations for improving victim support services and informing prevention, education and awareness campaigns.

Nicola joins RMIT from La Trobe University, where her research focused on sexual violence and justice. She earned her PhD in 2005 from the University of Melbourne for her work on sexual violence and international war crimes trials. She has published widely in the sexual violence and social justice fields, including editing and authoring four books.

Nicola was awarded a Vice-Chancellor’s Senior Research Fellowship in 2017 and is based in the School of Global, Urban and Social Studies. Nicola will be presenting findings from her extensive research with particular reference to women and violence in social media.

Dr Angelica Hristakos TCM

Dr Angelica Hristakos TCM ATMS

Angelica Chrisanthi Hristakos is a registered Dr Chinese Medicine & Acupuncture and runs a Healthcare Practice in Upwey and Clifton Hills called Therapies for Transformation. She has worked in the wellness and healing field for over 18 years. She is nurturing, holistic and intuitive practitioner who works integrally predominantly with women to achieve an inner abundance of health, vitality and wholeness emotionally, physically and spiritually. Angelica draws on her extensive training in Chinese Medicine, Acupuncture, Shiatsu, Holistic Counselling, Energetic Medicine and her own life experiences to support women and their partners during all stages of their life’s journey.

Angelica has worked in the wellness and healing field for over 18 years. She is passionate about Womens Health, Spirituality and Sacred Feminine Wisdom, Earth Medicine and Body-Mind Awareness, Positive Menstrual Education for young girls and Reclaiming our Rites of passage: Menarche, Conception, Pregnancy, Birth, Motherhood and Menopause as sacred initiations. Angelica will give specific focus to the role of shame in healing, recovery and transformation.

Angelica facilitates seasonal Womens workshops and Womens circles for healing, spiritual growth and transformation. She also offers Celebration Day for Girls (CDG) workshops. A celebratory workshop for young girls aged 10-12 and their mother or carer to positively embrace their first menarche and coming of age journey. Angelica also has 10 years experience conducting Women’s workshops for healing and recovery at Odyssey House and Shiatsu therapy at Depaul House.

Angelica is a mother of two wonderful girls whom she birthed naturally at home. Angelica believes each stage of life offers a transformative opportunity to discover the depth of our spirit and each woman has the power to heal, reclaim their sovereignty and live life generating their true potential.

Angelica’s personal philosophy sees adversities are a key to personal and spiritual growth. And by learning to navigate and traverse suffering and the shadow self, it is possible to transcend and transform wounds to the psyche. Gaining insight into each individual’s essential nature whilst accessing the inherent wisdom that lies within. Angelica promotes the practice of self care, ritual and meditation, positive education and listening to our body’s wisdom as essential ingredients to being whole, making empowering choices and living a fulfilling life.

Permaculture Teacher & Historian Tamara Griffiths

Permaculture Teacher & Historian Tamara Griffiths

Tamara is the current custodian of Forestedge Stone Nursery & Gallery and if you live local to The Hills, you most likely know her. Tamara is preparing to assist us connect to the topic “Women & Violence” by sharing some personal history but maybe the best way to get to know Tamara is to let her introduce herself …

“I see gardening as a political act of sedition, haha!

I love getting my hands dirty in the name of political action. I did my Permaculture design certificate in 2007 and I haven’t looked back since.

This year I am launching a new Permaculture school – Moonrise School of Permaculture – in Melbourne. I’m pretty excited!!!

I do permaculture designs for paying and non-paying clients, but what I love most is helping people learn how to design their homes and even continents into food growing edens – and how to eat their way through that great garden! I’m into cooking with acorns at the moment, huge amounts of fun and experimentation have led to running some workshops and PDCs with my friend Taj AKA The Permapixie!

I’m also an Historian and Heritage consultant – with a masters degree – but let me tell ya, now that I’m a permie gardener and educator as a living it would take alot to get me back inside.

I’ve lived in lots of places around australia – I grew up in the desert – Whyalla SA, and I love every desert I’ve been to. Its my landscape. I lived in Halls Creek in the Kimberleys for a few years and loved that desert scape as well as some wonderful people. I’ve lived in Adelaide and Melbourne and was in rural Tasmania for 9 months while learning Permaculture with Bill and Lisa Mollison.

I like ducks. A lot. It has been suggested I’m obsessed with ducks but I don’t think thats completely true… but I do come with a duck. He travels with me and meets all manner of people and animals and, sometimes, girl ducks 🙂 He has lots of fans.

I don’t do anything by halves; friendship, love, education, permaculture, books, ducks, animals, community, family, social justice, history, politics, sleeping in, Dr Who, caring for mother earth.

I always plant geraniums with citrus. And I like to grow tansy and oregano wherever I am. I love growing broad beans plants. They rarely get to grow beans – the stem and leaves are so delicious. They are nourishing for me and the soil.

I like scrumping – picking fruit from feral or overloaded trees – or acorns from below oaks on highways. Its all good. And I love wild and bush food. My parents are surprised I’ve lived this long with all the weird plant stuff I’ve put in my mouth.

I love teaching anything to do with food and permaculture. I’m so inspired that there are people that want to learn from me. Its just so awesome! Its what I want to spend the rest of my life doing, especially in places where permaculture is particularly needed – so people in all life situations have the freedom to feed themselves.”

Naturopath Brett Vale

Naturopath Brett Vale B.HSc(Nat) ANTA

Brett Vale is a Naturopath and also a member of our local community. He founded Elemental Life Naturopathy with clinics in Upwey and Ferntree Gully. Brett was not always a Naturopath and spent the first part of working life, some 20+ years as a Chief Financial Officer, Business Manager, Company Director and consultant for various companies, non-profit organisations and trusts.

Brett’s life took an unexpected turn when his third child, a son, was born with an undiagnosed, life threatening illness. This event was a massive catalytic change not only in Brett’s career but also his life. The situation was very desperate as his baby continued to rapidly lose weight after birth. The situation was dire but Brett was unable to find assistance from the conventional healthcare providers of medical practitioners and or medical specialists. His son’s case was deemed ‘untreatable’. So Brett began his own research in to treatment options to save his baby’s life. In desperation he flew to Orlando, Florida to see a Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) specialist. This was followed by a stay at a dedicated ‘live-in’ treatment clinic in Adelaide under the care of a paediatric therapy team including paediatric dieticians, occupational therapists, speech pathologists and an integrative paediatrician.

Brett’s frustration with the focus on managing symptoms rather than finding and treating the cause of his illness fostered a passion for clinically relevant, evidence-based research in natural medicine. His baby son is alive and well today because Brett channelled this insight and newly found interest in natural treatment and disease prevention and also decided to go back to study at the Southern School of Natural Therapies. He completed a Bachelor of Health Science degree in Naturopathy and started his own practice that focuses, perhaps unsurprisingly, on healthcare for children and young people. His approach to healthcare includes empowering children and young people to make healthy choices for themselves based on understanding their bodies and learning to self manage their own health as much as is possible. Brett is father to three energetic children and also has a background in junior sport coaching and speaking and training engagement both in Australia and overseas as well as a prior life as a senior instructor with the Royal Life Saving Society of Australia.

Brett brings the perspective and response of the ‘man’ person to this important topic. This person in our community has an important contribution to make because often he has experienced violence that remains secret and therefore unresolved and untreated. This voice is present in our community and just like the 13th Fairy in Sleeping Beauty is potentially very powerful, particularly if they are not invited to Christening, I mean … Open Forum.

Senior Sergeant Cassandra Forbes

Senior Sergeant Cassandra Forbes

Cassandra has been a member of Victoria Police since 1996, predominately working in Southern Region at Dandenong, Narre Warren, Cranbourne and Springvale uniform. She has worked in general duties at all ranks up to Senior Sergeant. In addition she has worked at Frankston Sexual Offences and Child Abuse Unit and at the Media Unit.

Prior to being promoted as an Eastern Family Violence Training Officer she worked teaching recruits Law and Policy in the Foundation Training Division at People Development Command. Cassandra became a Subject Matter Expert in Family Violence after working as the Family Violence Liaison Officer at Dandenong Police Station followed by almost 3 years as the Southern Metropolitan Area (Casey & Greater Dandenong) Family Violence Court Liaison Officer at Dandenong Magistrates’ court.

The Discussion Night ~ 29 February 2020

We meet the topic, by talking …

What happens again?

We gather in the Chapel at the Tecoma Uniting Church. The chairs will be arranged in a semi circle. There will be two microphones set up in the center and some floating microphones. We sit together.

There will be a short introduction to the topic and the material presented by the speakers will be briefly reviewed. Then everyone in attendence will be invited to draw their attention to themselves, the feeling in the room, their thoughts and feelings about the topic. There will be some initial silence and pauses at times throughout the evening while people process what has been shared.

And then … just like at a Quaker Meeting, if you feel moved to speak or share something, you will be invited to stand and take a microphone in the center, or signal for one to be passed to you, and speak and share whatever experience you are present to in that moment. When you have finished speaking, you can return to your seat.

The Q&A

During the planning phase for this event, many questions have been asked about what we are trying to do. The following were answered as part of the Launch of the ‘Open Forum: “Women & Violence” ~ 28-29 February 2020’ which was hosted by a Facebook Live Event on Wednesday 13 November.

Q. What is an Open Forum?
Q. Why did you choose the Topic “Women & Violence?”
Q. Who are you? Why should we trust you to host this event?
Q. What made you decide to host an Open Forum?
Q. How can “I” or an “Open Forum” have an impact on this situation?
Q. Why should I come?
Q. I feel afraid, I am living with violence. Is it safe for me to come?
Q. What will really change if “I”/”we” do this?

Here is the video of the Launch on YouTube …

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