The Open Forum 2020 Video is ready to see …

The Video of the Community Discussion held on Saturday 29th FEB 2020

… is ready to watch.

This Project has been many months in the making from conception through the struggles of execution to the final phases of completion. This Video of the Project is a beginning that we hope to consolidate and develop in time.

For more detail, please explore the Play List on YouTube that contains a record of each of the Speaker’s Presentations. This will help give diversity and depth to the topic.

The Community Discussion Night

We appreciate your input, interest, contribution and support. Thank You for giving your attention. Here is a little background to the ideas used in the Project.

PART 1: Vision for ‘The Open Forum: “Women & Violence” ~ 28 FEB 2020’ by Imogen K Salzman

PART 2: Vision for ‘The Open Forum: “Women & Violence” ~ 29 FEB 2020’ by Imogen K Salzman

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