Fears for people on mental health plans as lockdown drags on, and on …

“The psychological impact of the coronavirus pandemic is becoming so severe that people on mental health plans which are running out risk facing serious conditions with inadequate support.

Psychologists estimate about half of their clients require more sessions than the 10 subsidised on Medicare mental health plans and that nearly two-thirds had their mental health impacted by social distancing, their physical health or the economic effects of COVID-19.

“This hasn’t been a low-stress year in anybody’s calendar,” said Australian Psychological Society president, Ros Knight, who warns people’s 10-session mental health plans are running out.

Beyond Blue chief executive Georgie Harman said the pandemic is “profoundly affecting people who live with mental health conditions and people who have never struggled before”.

Beyond Blue will release comprehensive July data next week but said calls from Victoria to its support services doubled in the first two weeks of July and accounted for almost half of all calls received nationwide in the first week. …”

By Wendy Tuohy August 1, 2020 — 11.46pm reporting for The Age, click link for full article.

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