Daniel Andrews reveals Victorian roadmap out of Melbourne lockdown and stage 3 coronavirus restrictions

The head of Victoria’s peak business organisation has described the state’s roadmap out of coronavirus restrictions as “a road to nowhere”, while doctors say the plan will ultimately help the nation recover from the pandemic sooner.

Posted 06 September 2020 at 12:17PM on ABC site, Click Link for full article.

Key points:

  • The Victorian Government’s roadmap to easing restrictions is tied to the number of new cases being recorded at the time
  • The Victorian Chamber of Commerce and Industry said the benchmarks in the roadmap appeared to be based on a strategy of eradication rather than suppression
  • Premier Daniel Andrews said reopening too quickly would carry an unacceptable risk of a third wave of infections

In announcing his Government’s much-anticipated steps to easing the nation’s strictest lockdown, Premier Daniel Andrews revealed Melburnians would face another two weeks of stage 4 restrictions after September 13, but with some modifications.

It came after the state reported 63 new coronavirus infections and Government modelling predicted the state would not be in a position to begin significantly lifting restrictions by September 13, due to the risk of a third wave of coronavirus infections.

The roadmap for metropolitan Melbourne is based on the state recording a daily average of between 30 and 50 new cases by September 28 and fewer than five by late October.

Roadmaps out of restrictions:

Mr Andrews said the Government had no choice but to ease restrictions carefully if it was to avoid a deadly third wave.

“We can’t run out of lockdown. We have to take steady and safe steps out of lockdown,” he said.

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