News ~ Curious about Group Therapy …?

Ever thought of participating in Group Therapy?

Curious? Want to know more …?

Group Therapy

Group Therapy employs an approach largely derived from Existential Therapy. The focus of Group work will be the present moment and what is happening in the present moment. It is similar, in this sense, to Mindfulness Practice.

Group Therapy builds and challenges the participants to grow the expression of the Authentic Self through the connections and experiences that grow as the Group itself grows.

The benefits Group Therapy can offer are a direct result of the courage, connection and contribution made by the participants. It is a unique experience and a genuine co-creation. Results can and have and will astonish.

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If you would like more information about Group Therapy is or are considering taking your seat in Group, please complete the contact form below. We will forward you important information about what happens in Group Sessions.

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