Mood Tracking … really?

Sometimes … many times when we are experiencing psychological symptoms, it can be hard to completely rely on our perceptions, moods and feelings. Said another way, the way we perceive ourselves, our situation, those we are in relationship with and the world around us can be, well … not quite right.

In simple terms, we can get it wrong. We can get irritated, reactive, withdraw from people among many other responses that slowly but surely welcome chaos in to our lives. If this goes on for a while, it leaves damage that is hard to reverse.

Mood tracking helps us keep track of our moods and the things happening around our moods. Mood tracking stops the progression of this damage in its tracks. Over time mood tracking helps us check our perceptions, perceive more accurately and learn skills and techniques to manage our moods better.

DayliO Mood Tracking App is very simple to use and one of the best apps we have found to keep track of your mood and the things happening around changes in mood. The App prompts you to measure your mood on your phone and prepares a colour coded “O” for each day, so you can monitor your progress with a glance. Just click on the links below to download.

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