Earlier appointments are available

Psychology Services are in high demand right now, however we do receive cancellations and so earlier appointments become available. People are starting and finishing treatment all the time.

You can grab a cancellation by keeping one eye on our BOOKING PAGE for times that become available. If a spot becomes available, please use the link in your Appointment Confirmation Email to grab the new appointment time.

If you would like to work with us, please BOOK A CALL BACK. This is how you join the Waiting List. We have recently included more Call Back appointments times. You can see how long the Wait List is by looking at the Call Back Booking page.

We strive to meet the demand for Psychological Support Services within our community, however if we cannot offer you services in the time you need them, please return to your GP and request an alternative.

You can also get immediate access to counselling support by contactacting LifeLine Australia on

13 11 14

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