Philosophy & Policies


Counselling Psychology and Integrative Medicine is about the process of change and how people make changes in their lives. Our approach at Upwey Psychology may best be described as Humanist.

    Our Practice sees Individuals as perpetually involved in a process of ongoing growth and evolution throughout their lives. Psychological distress can occur when this process becomes stalled or blocked.
    Our Practice sees psychological distress as part and parcel of the challenges of modern living and not indicative of a failure or flaw on the part of the Individual.
    Our Practice sees the Individual as having the potential, perhaps untapped and as yet unrealized, to change their situation and overcome psychological distress.
    Our Practice sees the Individual as the expert on themselves and the Psychologist as bringing tools in the form of knowledge, skills and a special kind of listening to the process of Counselling and bringing about change.

Change happens in counselling because you and the Psychologist are working together as a team. We want to empower everyone we with at Upwey Psychology and we want to make our services as affordable and as accessible to as many people as possible.


Our ONLINE BOOKING SYSTEM will show a variety of slots available for you to choose. It is very easy to use. You just click on the time that suits and fill in the required details in the boxes.

We work with ‘Google’ instead of an Administration Assistant for several reasons:

  • We empower you as our client and provide you with as much choice as possible
  • We want to work collaboratively with you and in a way that also works for us
  • We want to make our service as accessible and affordable as possible

Once you have scheduled your preferred time, you will immediately receive an APPOINTMENT CONFIRMATION SMS and EMAIL which includes a CANCEL and RESCHEDULE LINK at the bottom.


We ask everyone we work with to ARRANGE PAYMENT BEFORE their scheduled appointment. This is so we can get right to work on your reason for seeking support and not delay or lose valuable session time waiting for payments to go through or dealing with administration issues during a counselling session.

We work with ‘Google’ instead of an Administrative Assistant so we can pass on the reduction in costs to you in the form of lower session fees. In return, we ask you to take responsibility for making sure you have made the payment for your session, before your session.

A PayPal Invoice requesting payment for your session will be in your in box the DAY BEFORE your scheduled appointment. We ask you to make payment at this time, this means BEFORE MIDNIGHT the day before your scheduled appointment.

We use PayPal as our primary transaction system so it is easy for you to make payments using a Smart Phone. Making payments is as simple as clicking on the links in the PayPal Invoice. We recommend signing up for a PayPal account if you do not have one already.

We also accept EFT and CREDIT CARD payments. You can easily make an EFT payment through online banking. Account details are listed on the PayPal Invoice. CREDIT CARD payments can be made easily through the PayPal Invoice or alternatively using the PAYMENT BUTTON on our site.

We only accept CASH payments by arrangement. This means you need to contact our office, 03 8719 1014, to discuss your preference to making payment in CASH BEFORE you attend your appointment.


Our Cancellation & Reschedule Policy has been designed to be as generous, empowering and as flexible as possible for both you and your Psychologist with whom you are working.


If you need to reschedule or cancel your appointment, just go to the CANCEL or RESCHEDULE LINK at the bottom of your APPOINTMENT CONFIRMATION EMAIL and click on the link to make a change.

We ask everyone we work with to limit rescheduling their appointments to ONE TIME ONLY. If you need to reschedule a second time, we ask that you please CANCEL your appointment. You can make another appointment when you are available in the future.

We get that life can be very stressful and busy. We understand that there are many reasons why giving 24 HOURS NOTICE is not always possible. However there are also consequences for both of us, when people need to cancel. If you cannot meet these timelines, we will not charge you a Cancellation Fee but if you want to work with us going forward we will ask that you meet the cost for that session.

Privacy Policy
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