Make an Appointment

Before you do …

We would like to speak with you to make sure we are the right service for you. Please BOOK A CALL BACK so we can discuss your situation and accept your case.

If you cannot find a good time to speak with us, please text 0414 768 943 and we will call you back.

Online Booking System

We have an easy to use Online Booking System that helps everyone to keep track of their schedule. Our Booking System updates to Google Calendar and will also send out an Email and a SMS reminder for your appointment time.


  1. Open Online Booking System by clicking the BOOK NOW button
  2. Select your preferred appointment time
  3. Enter your details

For Session Booking

If you have a GP referral, it is a good idea to go plan ahead and book your first six sessions because the calendar fills up fast and very few psychological issues can be resolved in one or two sessions. This will help you get the most out treatment.

That’s it! You will receive …

  1. IMMEDIATELY…….Appointment Confirmation Email and Text
  2. 24 HRS BEFORE….SQUARE INVOICE requesting Payment Card details will be sent by EMAIL/TEXT
  3. 24 HRS BEFORE….SMS Appointment Reminder sent to your Mobile and Email

Need to Reschedule or Cancel?

No problem. Rescheduling or cancelling is easy using our Online Booking System.

  2. Scroll down to the bottom
  3. Select the RESCHEDULE or CANCEL link
  4. Click on link
  5. Change or cancel appointment


Cancellations – 24 Hours Notice Please

Sometimes people need to cancel their appointments. This happens from time to time but there are consequences for both of us when you cancel.

Firstly we will need to try and reschedule your appointment. This can be difficult to arrange because everybody is so busy. Secondly we need to offer your session time to another person seeking an appointment. This takes time. Fortunately we have an online system to help you. Just go to your APPOINTMENT CONFIRMATION EMAIL and click on the RESCHEDULE or CANCEL LINK.

We find we need 24 hours notice to have sufficient time to offer your session to another person. If you are unable to provide 24 Hours notice, we ask that you carry the cost for this and pay for the session.

CLICK HERE for more information on our Practice Policies.

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