Couples Counselling

Upwey Psychology specialises in providing support to couples experiencing conflict, loss, pressure parenting and those considering separating. We understand the unique pressures experienced by couples and we offer a service specifically suited to responding to these needs in a time limited way. Medicare Rebates are available for this service where one partner is eligible for a GP referral.

How does it work?

Typically the Psychologist and the Couple meet together initially. The first session is an opportunity for the Psychologist to get to know the Couple and their story, particularly the events or circumstances that contributed to making the decision to try counselling.

After the initial session, it is common for the Couple to work separately with the Psychologist to gain a deeper understanding of how their individual stories may be helping and hindering them in their relationship with each other in the present.

Each partner is likely to need to attend individual sessions to gain clarity and control. The next and final stage is to reconnect as a group and work more directly on remaining issues. Each partner will be challenged to reclaim their own story and contribute to the future story of their lives as a couple.

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